Posters of 2009 - April 2012

  1. The debut concert of "I krov po dolyni"
  2. Ticket for the above mentioned concert
  3. Cycle parking for students (poster)
  4. Cycle parking for students (flyer)
  5. Cycle parking for students (sticker for parking)
  6. Cycle parking for students (sticker)
  7. Charity Action "Mykolay pro tebe ne zabude"
  8. Rock collecting for the above-mentioned charity event
  9. A ticket for a rock collection
  10. Concert "I krov po dolyni zbyrae druziv"
  11. "Stud-Vechirka"
  12. A ticket for "Stud-Vechirku"
  13. Spring Polytechnic, iArh, play "Chasing Two Hares"
  14. Concert of rock group "Stychiya"
  15. Charity Action "Mykolay pro tebe ne zabude"
  16. Concert of rock band "Koznomy svoe"
  17. Charity concert "Music will save"
  18. Happy birthday Faculty of Philosophy

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